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Monday, February 9, 2015

How to Prepare cucumber Mint Soup?

To Prepare cucumber Mint Soup
  • White onion
  • Chopped cucumber
  • Mint leaves
  • Basil
  • Butter
  • Salt
  • Strained Kanjee water
Preparing Method:
  • Heat Butter in Pressure pan.
  • When it melt and chopped onion and fry for few minutes.
  • Add kanjee water to cover the pieces with mint leaves.
  • Close lid ans pressure cook in low flame till one whistle.
  • Cool down, and blend it in a mixie.
  • Strain and dilute with water.
  • Add salt, pepper powder and chopped thulsi leaves.
  • Keep in refrigerator as serve as a cold soup.
  • During serve in hot summer season.
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Saturday, January 17, 2015

How to Prepare Cream of Vegetable Soup?

Prepare Cream of Vegetable Soup
White Onion
Chopped cabbage
Chopped turnip
Chopped white Pumpkin

For Spice:

Preparing Method:
Chop all the vegetables into fine pieces.
Heat butter in a pressure cooker and fry onions for 2 to 3 minutes.
Add other vegetables one by one and stir for few minutes.(Add pumpkin at the end)
Pour just enough water to cover the vegetables.
And pressure cook along with the spice bag.
Cool down and discard spice bag.
Mash in a mixie and strain through a sieve.
Dilute with milk and water to required consistency.
Reheat with salt and sugar.
Serve hot with bread sticks.

Little vinegar can be added while serving the soup.

Select vegetable of your choice with blend with each other and do the recipe.

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Monday, January 5, 2015

How to prepare Jackfruit delight?

To prepare Jack fruit delight
Jack fruit pulp
Citric acid
Color powder
Prepare Method:
Select full ripe fibreless sweet variety Jack fruit.
Remove the seed and cut into small pieces.
Add just enough water and cook till it becomes soft.
Cool down and mash thoroughly.
Strain through a sieve to get uniform pulp.
Measure the pulp and keep covered.
Prepare sugar syrup by heating sugar, water, citric acid to boiling point.
Strain through muslin cloth and cool down to room temperature.
Mix with pulp and preservative.
Little yellow colour can also be added.
Serve diluted with 4 parts of chilled water.
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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

How to prepare sweet corn soup

  • Sweet corn
  • White onion
  • Butter
  • Milk
  • Aji-no-moto
  • White pepper powder
  • Sugar and salt
  • Ginger
  • Soya sauce
Preparing Method:
  • Fry chopped onion in butter for few minutes till raw flavour is lost.
  • Peel outer husk from corn and grate it gently over a large eyed grater.
  • Take a grated corn in a medium sized vessel and cover with milk and water.
  • Add fried onion and ginger. Pressure for 10 to 12 minutes.
  • Till the corn is well Cool down and discard ginger piece.
  • Keep aide 2 Tablespoons of cooked whole corn Blend the rest smooth paste in a mixie.
  • Stain and dilute till required consistency.
  • Add sugar, aji-no-moto and reheat till boiling stirring in between.
  • Add cooked com seeds also to this ssa end pepper powder just before serving.
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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

How to prepare Carrot Kheer

  • Milk
  • Carrot
  • Almonds
  • Sugar
  • Kesar color
  • Almond essence
Preparing Method:
  1. Scrape and grate the carrots.
  2. Steam in pressure cooker for 5 to 7 minutes without add water.
  3. Blanch the peel Almonds.
  4. Cool down the carrots to room temperature and grind it along with almonds.
  5. Add the ground paste when milk stars boiling.
  6. Reduce flame and cook for few minutes stirring in between.
  7. Add sugar and remove from fire.
  8. Mix till sugar is dissolved.
  9. Add color, essence and serve as hot (or)cold kheer.
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Monday, December 22, 2014

How to prepare Badam Kheer

  • Almonds
  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • Kesar colour
  • Almond essence
  • Chironjee Nuts(Fried)
  • Chironjee ('Saaraipparuppu' in Tamil)

How to prepare:
  1. Blanch Almonds in hot water for 15 to 20 minutes.
  2. Peel outer skin and grind it to smooth paste in a mixie with little cold milk.
  3. Heat milk in a thick vessel till boiling point.
  4. Add groundnut paste and stir gently.
  5. Reduce flame and cook for few minutes.
  6. Add sugar and stir in low flame itself for one or two minutes.
  7. Turn off the stove, add colour and essence.
  8. Top with fried nuts and serve hot.
  9. Keep in refrigerator and serve ice cold.
  10. Dissolved in warm milk can be added to the kheer.

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How to prepare Tomato and Strawberry Soup

To prepare Tomato and Strawberry Soup
  • Tomatoes
  • Mint leaves
  • Ginger
  • Strawberry crush
  • Coriander leaves (chopped)
  • Malt vinegar
  • Red chilli powder
  • Salt
  • Worcestershrine sauce
  • Pepper powder
  • Cinnamom
  • Cardamom

Preparing Method:
  1. Select good quality red ripe Tomatoes.
  2. Wash and chop tomatoes into big pieces.
  3. Peel outer skin and outer ginger.
  4. Grind Tomatoes, Ginger, Mint, cinnamom, and cloves in a mixie.
  5. Strain through a fine strainer to remove skin, seeds etc.
  6. Add salt, vinegar, sugar, sauce, chilli powder strawberry crush to that.
  7. Blend again in mixie.
  8. Keep in refrigerator and serve cold.
  9. Add pepper powder just before serving.
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