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Friday, July 25, 2014

Chicken Briyani - Home made easy recipe Tamil Samayal

Chicken Briyani :
Chicken Briyani is the very tasty Indian food. All age people are like this Briyani. This this the best and easy recipe for Holidays and Functions. In many functions and parties this is the main recipe and also easy home made recipe. Tamil Samayal kurippu . We can prepare fast this briyani recipe.

Ingredients :

Chicken meat (large pieces) - 1/2 kg 
Large onion - 2 
Tomato - 2 
Ginger garlic paste - 3 tablespoons 
Karuvapattai - 5 
Cardamom - 5 
Bay leaf - 2 
Cardamom - 2 
Green chillies - 3 
Chilly - 1/2 tsp 
Chicken Masala - 2 tsp 
Mint leaf - 1 handle 
Coriander leaves - 1 handle 
Oil - 2 tablespoon 
Ghee - 1 table spoon 
Salt - to taste 

Procedure :
1. Wash pieces of chicken meat with clean water. 
2. Cut the Big Onion and green chilies  separately. 
3. Cut the Tomato into smaller pieces. 
4. Put in oven in stove and put oil, ghee poured both dried add the cinnamon bark, cloves, cardamom, bay leaf. 
5. After put chopped large onions , green chili and  fry it well. 
6. Add the chopped tomatoes and cook again fry it well  
7. After add the ginger and garlic paste, mint leaves, coriander leaves, green fragrance will add up (about 3 minutes on medium heat) cook well. 
8. Add the chicken meat along with and cook in the oil well. 
9. Then add the salt, chilly,  chicken masala cook well. 
10. Add enough water to the rice ( Water is equal to 2 times of Rice), put the lid on the cooker whistles than the speed of the turn. 
11. Check the salt and taste after the 2 whistle in cooker, if you need salt and chili powder added . 
12. Add the Soak laying pilau rice and close the cooker and cook well for 2 whistle (about 15 minutes) . 
13. After 2 whistle then stop the stove and removed from the oven, cooker of the spirit, stir well and open and serve it.

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