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Monday, September 1, 2014

Pineapple squash Drinks making

  • Pine apple juice                              - 21/2 cups
  • Sugar                                             - 31/2 cups
  • Water                                            - 3 cups
  • Citric acid                                      - 21/2 tsps
  • Pine apple essence                         - 2 tsps
  • Lemon yellow color                        - as required
  • Potasium meta be sulphate              - 2 pinches

  1. Select fully ripe, juicy fruit well.
  2. Remove outer skin using a sharp stainless steel knife.
  3. Remove centre hardcore also.
  4. Chop into pieces also put in a mixie.
  5. Heat the juice to boiling point and cool down to room temperature. Keep aside.
  6. Prepare sugar syrup by mixing together sugar,water, critic acid and heat it to boiling point.
  7. Filter through in a clean muslin and cooldown to room temperature.
  8. Mix the juice, sugar syrup, color, essence together.
  9. Mix the preservative in little warm water and add to the squash.
  10. Pour into sterilized, dry, narrow mouthed bottles leaving 1 inch head space.
  11. Close with lid or cork and store in a cold dry place.
  12. While serving, to one part of the squash add three parts of ice cold water and serve in tall glasses.
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