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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mom’s Bread & Butter pickles

Mom’s Bread & Butter pickles

Never made your own pickles , but always wondered if you could? I’m delighted to supply an easy but utterly reliable recipe! You may have to  purchases a few of the special ingredients, but once you discover how good these are, you’ll be making them often and maybe even for holiday gifts.

*Makes about 4 pints

8 cups peeled and sliced cucumbers
1 ½ cups sliced onion
1 large clove of garlic
2 ½ teaspoons pickling salt
3 cups ice cubes
2 cups SPLENDA Granular
1 teaspoon ground turmeric
1 teaspoon celery seed
1 teaspoon yellow mustard seeds
1 ½ cups apple cider vinegar

In a large glass or plastic bowel, combine cucumbers, onion, garlic, and pickling salt. Evenly arrange ice cups over top. Cover with a clean cloth and let set at room temperature for 3 hours. Remove garlic. Place mixture in a large colander and rinse and drain well. In a large saucepan , Combine SPLENDA , turmeric, celery seed, mustard seeds, and vinegar. Add drained cucumber mixture. Mix well to combine. Cook over medium heat for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Carefully ladle hot mixture into hot sterilized pint jars, leaving ½ - inch headspace. Seal and process in a boiling-water caner for 10 minutes.

Each 1 tablespoon serving equals

HE: 4 Optional Calories
4 Calories* 0 gm Fat* 0 gm Protein
1 gm Carbohydrate* 137 mg Sodium
2 mg Calcium *0 gm fiber


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